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25-40 Minutes

  • Fast Fire ARMS | Work it!

    Get ready for low impact and lots of shakes!

  • Fast Fire CORE | Have Some Fun!

    Let's enjoy the moment and get our abs on!

  • Fast Fire NamaSCULPT | Quick and Fun

    Get ready for everything you love from your full sculpt in just 30 minutes!! Grab some weights and let's get flowing!

  • Fast Fire CARDIO DANCE

    10 videos

    Let's shake away our stress in this high energy cardio dance class. The class uses cardio dance moves mixed with squats, lunges and other toning moves to tone your body while you move to the beat and let your spirit run free!

  • Fast Fire CORE

    35 videos

    Deeply target your core with this 30 minute class! We will work your upper and lower abs, your center core, and your obliques in a class that will leave you super sore the next day. We will do some mat and some standing moves in this class. You will want to bring a resistance band and a heavy and...

  • Fast Fire BOOTY

    19 videos

    Activate and strengthen your glutes in this 30 minute class that is all about your booty! A great supplement to help build up your booty from Your Best BUTT, this class is lower impact and is great to do if you have less energy but are still looking for a deep glute burn.