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From biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and ab muscles, this class targets a deep tone in your upper body. This class uses high repetition movements inspired by barre and pilates, as well as strength training, compound movements, to provide an exciting challenge for students at all fitness levels. This class is low impact and calls for a light (2-5lb) and heavy (6-20lb) set of weights.

  • Your Best Abs and Arms | Movie Trivia Class

    Recorded 2/23/21 | This class has a really challenging especially for obliques. We will be doing quick high rep moves and slower, so heavy and light weights are encouraged. The class sets the intention of doing your best, you can do better later. All the while, the community will be engaging in m...

  • Your Best Abs and Arms | GAGA SAGA

    Recorded 2/26/21 | This class IS HILARIOUS... which is great because laughing works out your abs. It just so happens that instructor Lilly Scott looks like a colonial man... you have to take class to understand 😂😂😂😂

  • Your Best Abs and Arms | Tricep Takeover

    Recorded 2/2/21 | This class has a focus on triceps with MANY different variations for you to try out! What I like about this particular class is it teaches you a lot of different ways to work out your tricep, which means when you are working out in other classes you can always modify to the tric...

  • Your Best Abs and Arms | BEYkeover

    Recorded 1/19/21 | This class is such a blast with a fun community question to help you get to know other #Electrolights better! Grab a light and heavy set of weights.

  • Your Best Abs & Arms | DRAKEover

    Recorded 1/12/21 | This class is super difficult with the 100 pushup challenge in full swing. Don't worry, it isn't JUST about pushups. The class also has a really fun theme of sharing about the embarrassing things we USED to do when we were younger!! A really funny and exciting way to share time...

  • Your Best Abs and Arms | TAYkeover

    Recorded 1/5/21 | Dubbed some people's favorite class EVER, this one is tough and super funny. Throughout the class, students share the names of their ex-boyfriends which turns out to be really funny! If you're taking this class, please dm me what you think!! We will do high rep, quick movements,...

  • Your Best Abs and Arms | Best of 2019

  • Your Best ABS & ARMS | Best of 2012

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Best of 2007

    Recorded 12/08/20 | This is one of my favorite classes to date for arm movements and I was super sore the next day! You are going to want to have some light weights or wine bottles around because we are going to do high rep, tough, movements with your arms far away from your body. This class uses...

  • Your Best ABS & ARMS | Lilly's Favorite Songs

    12/01/20 | Come celebrate my birthday with me!!!! This class is a bit more abs than arms! Grab your heavy and light weights.

  • Your Best ABS & Arms | Dirt Road Energy

    This class will get you sore in your triceps and your biceps for sure. Such a fun class with a little bit of cardio!

  • Your Beat ABS & ARMS | Barre Inspired

    Get out the lightweights or the wine bottles because you will need them for this high rep class! It is super tough and you are going to love it!! Let me know how you felt after!! :)

  • Your Best ABS & ARMS | Lady Gaga & Sia

  • Your Best ABS & ARMS | Songs Everyone Loves

    This class works deep into your lower abs to start class. Then we move into your deep, stabilizing core. Then grab your heavy weights for a single-arm curl that will lead to bicep burnout. Then we will move to your triceps for tricep dips. After that we will target your posture, working on revers...

  • Your Best ABS & ARMS | Stay Consistent!

    This class is all sorts of fun! We will be doing a heavyweight set for curls so go grab your heavy weights if you have them! Band is optional. There is a bit more cardio in this one than the other weeks!

  • Your Best ABS & ARMS | Drake vs Rihanna

    This is one of those classes that will blow you away. By simply changing the emphasis on where you focus your energy, you will notice a burn and challenge unlike anything else. Grab a light and heavy set of weights for this class. It has some jumping but always options to modify for less pressure...

  • Your Best ABS & ARMS | ABS FOCUSED

    Dive in headfirst for this core-focused toning class that by NO means leaves your arms behind. Less on the cardio and more on the burn, this is a class that will leave you ab muscles sore the next time you laugh. Grab a heavy and light set of weights, and a band is optional! Can't wait to hear ho...

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Low Impact, Huge Burn

    Grab a heavy set, a light set of weights (or wine bottles!!), and your resistance bands if you have them (if you don't have any, my favorites are here: and get ready for a memorable playlist and a super tough class. We will focus equally on your abs and arms and I get your...

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Cardi B vs Calvin Harris *DEEP BURN

    Rent if you dare... this class is all about the two most important life rules: 1. never quit and 2. never forget rule number 1! Less about the cardio and more about the burn, this class had me avoiding funny tv shows after because it HURT TO LAUGH. Expect lots of core moves that combine arm work ...

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Resilience

    We come right out of the gates with our plank challenge and move into compound movements that simultaneously challenge your core and arms! With an extra-long bicep section and an extremely challenging core section at the end of class, this is one of those classes that will help you build your mus...

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Confidence Booster

    Take a walk down sweat alley with me for this core burning workout that combines abdominal engagement with high rep weight training. Two sets of weights and one big smile, we start off with renegade rows and our heart rates stay up from there!

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Feel Good!

    This class is a cardio forward, push up embracing, full-out burn that is going to make you DRIP DRIP and smile the whole way through! Heavy and light weights are perfect accessories for this class, but not required!

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Old vs New School RAP

    This class pays special attention to your obliques when it comes to ab work, with v-ups and oblique dips. If you are just in the mood to work out your arms or your abs, this is a great class to split in half with the first half dedicated to core work and the second half focusing on your arms. I s...

  • Your Best ABS AND ARMS | Abs Focused

    This playlist is queen B vs remixes. This ab heavy class gets every inch of your midsection so much that you will likely be too sore to laugh the next day! With multiple cardio burts throughout class, expect to pull your belly button in and brace for a new confidence you didn't know existed!! Don...