Your Best BODY

Your Best BODY

Get ready for multiple high-intensity cardio bursts in this full-body workout. From start to finish your heart rate will spike and slow as you switch between heart-pounding movements and grounding, complex strength training movements.

Your Best BODY
  • Your Best BODY | TAYkeover

    1/9/21 | This class bring the damn HEAT, are you ready for it? This playlist is Tswift versus her haters!!

  • Your Best Body | Happy Songs Only

    Another fast-paced class filled with positivity!

  • Your Best Body | Best of 2020

    CONGRATS on finishing the throwback challenge!!!!

  • Your Best BODY | Holiday Edition

    Recorded 12/23/20 | This class is an amazing mix of fun and hard! Light and heavy weights, booty band, and sneakers are perfect for this workout!

  • Your Best BODY | Best of 2013

    Recorded 12/19/20 | This class celebrates the life of a good friend of mine who passed away. Expect to have a really hard workout and a deep intention!

  • Your Best BODY | Best Of 2008

    Recorded 12/13/20 | This class is ALL out! 500 calorie burner!

  • Your Best BODY | Boy Band Takeover

    Recorded 12\06\20 | This class is a really great one! Get ready for a huge sweat and a lot of fun!

  • Your Best BODY | Latin & Reggaeton

    11/28/20 | This class is a fantastic mix of cardio and strength training. Grab a booty band and two sets of weights. There is a slight focus on your shoulders in this class, and two separate sets of lunges. Let me know how class goes, okay?! DM me @lillyscott

  • Your Best Body | AMAZING CLASS!!

    Get a heavy set of weights, light set, and booty band and get PUMPED because this class is so much fun! We will do lots of lunges, jumping, and sweating in this class!!! Truly one of my favorite in a long time!

  • Your Best BODY | Miley Cyrus & Jennifer Lopez

    Buckle up and get ready for an upbeat class that is filled with cardio bursts and challenging compound movements. Grab a booty band if it is around and light and heavy set of weights. This class does have a light focus on your glutes!! Take all the breaks you need and have so much fun!

  • Your Best BODY | FIRST WOMAN VP!!

    This full out class gets into every nook and cranny of your body for a HIIT workout unlike any other!! Celebrate a historic moment with the gang and jam out to one of my favorite playlists!!

  • Your Best BODY | Love Yourself!

    Get excited for another tough one as this class works your full body to create strength both mentally and physically! Booty bans will help you deepen your practice as we work your lower body in a series of compound movements. Take all the breaks you need and honor your body! The most important th...

  • Your Best BODY | LET GO OF DOUBT

    Get ready for another doozy as this class gets your heart rate up and keeps it there. It is full body focused with a bit more pilates moves in there than normal for a Best BODY. This class does have a bit more core work in it than normal. There is a challenging squat series and a tough lunge set ...

  • Your Best BODY | DO YOUR BEST

    This is an upbeat full body class with compound moves and high-intensity cardio bursts. A heavy and light set of weights is the play here and bands are optional!!!! This is one of my very favorite classes I've taught!!

  • Your Best BODY | Low Impact

    Grab your weights and booty band and get ready for a super fun and tough class. Expect compound moves, deep burns, high repetitions, and NO JUMPING!

  • Your Best BODY | Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute Class

    This super tough class gets deep into your muscles as we get deep into ourselves emotionally. As a tribute to the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this class features songs about women's power. This is a true full-body work out that will keep your heart rate high and leave you sore. Heavy ...


    From start to finish, this class is a doozy... dynamic, compound movements make this class challenging for students at any fitness level. If you have a booty band, grab it, because we will be using them to make movements more intense. With a slight emphasis on glute activation, expect to be in sq...

  • Your Best BODY | Feel Good!!

    Get your sweat, dance, and sculpt on as you go all out in this full-body frenzy. From start to finish expect multiple heart-rate spikes to keep your body in a fat-burning zone as you forget your troubles in this beautifully fun class!!! Combo moves incorporate arm and leg work throughout the clas...

  • Your Best BODY | 100% Requests

    This class brings a deep burn to your obliques, glutes, and legs while adding in compound movements that incorporate your upper body for a true full-body blast. Expect a lot of jumping (with low-impact options), squats, and lunges. This is one of my personal favorite classes. BTW- this iconic set...

  • Your Best BODY | One Of The Best Classes Ever

    This intense class is sure to leave you DRIPPING as you crank out heart-racing cardio, focused muscle toning, and som inspiring words along the way. This is one of my most favorite classes that I've ever taught!

  • Your Best BODY | Drag Queen Energy

    This is a super fun playlist with original songs by drag queens and other songs that embrace individuality, which is exactly what the intention is all about! Expect high heart rates as we dance to fun (and some explicit) music. The is glute, leg, bicep, shoulder, tricep, and core work heavy for a...

  • Your Best BODY | Best of 2011

    This full out sweat incorporates compound movements to keep your heart rate up and high energy instruction to keep you motivated. Expect to be dripping sweat by the end of this class!!