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  • Fast Fire HIIT | Spring Training Week 5

    Spring Training Week 5 is HERE baby! You made it!! These classes are high intensity and will challenge you to your limit! Grab your heavyweights, strong resistance bands, and a big old water bottle because you are going to WORK. Meant to get you SORE, these level five classes will include high re...

  • Fast Fire HIIT | Spring Training Week 4

    Spring Training Week 4 adds in a throw pillow, yoga block, or pilates ball for some of the classes to help engage your core and inner thighs. This week we encourage you to use heavier weights to help progress your strength. Expect longer cardio bursts and some classes will introduce high-rep chal...

  • Fast Fire HIIT | Spring Training Week 2

    Week two of spring training brings the heat as we turn the tone UP! Grab a booty band for this week's moves and a light set of weights. The playlists for this week will feature songs from 2000-2005!

    If you don't have weights or a boot band, here are some I like from Amazon:

  • Fast Fire HIIT | Spring Training Week 1

    Welcome to week 1 of our 5-week program! This is a great way to track and experience your progress as a new member of the Electric Collective! We encourage you to take 3 or more classes a week during this program. You can space each "week" out into one or two weeks (3 classes one week then three ...

  • Fast Fire Full Body HIIT | Get Your Burn On!

    Recorded 4/6/21 | This class is going to get your heart rate up and have you dripping by the end!! All you need is sneakers!

  • BIG HIIT | Booty Builder

    Recorded 3/4/21


    Recorded 2/25/21 | Lookout because Lexi is taking NO PRISONERS in this super-tough HIIT class!

  • QUICK HIIT | Tap In!

  • BIG HIIT | Booty Bounce

  • BIG HIIT | x Lilly Scott

    Recorded 2/4/21 | This class was an impromptu class as the normal instructor, Lexi, had wifi issues. Come see what Founder Lilly Scott can make up on the fly in this intense 40-minute class!