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Your Best Stretch & Recovery

Your Best Stretch & Recovery

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Your Best Stretch & Recovery
  • Roll and Recover | Spring Training Week 4

    Spring Training Week 4 adds in a throw pillow, yoga block, or pilates ball for some of the classes to help engage your core and inner thighs. This week we encourage you to use heavier weights to help progress your strength. Expect longer cardio bursts and some classes will introduce high-rep chal...

  • Roll and Recover | Spring Training Week 3

    Spring Training Week 3 brings in heavier weights, more complex combinations, and longer muscle isolations to increase intensity and level you up. On top of this advanced sequencing, get ready for a BOMB playlist featuring all of your favorite music from 2000-2005!

    This class will focus on quads,...

  • Rest and Recover | Spring Training Week 2

    Week two of spring training brings the heat as we turn the tone UP! Grab a booty band for this week's moves and a light set of weights. The playlists for this week will feature songs from 2000-2005!

    If you don't have weights or a boot band, here are some I like from Amazon:

  • Roll & Recover | Hamstrings, Calfs, Shoulders

    Recorded 4/7/21 | Grab your foam roller and get ready for an amazing, relaxing stretch. Starting with a yoga flow, we will then go to foam rolling, it will be especially helpful for runners with the leg focus before we go up to shoulders. We finish with a deep breathing guided meditation.

  • RECOVER | Foam Roller Lower Body

  • RECOVER | Full Body Foam Roller