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Your Best BUTT

Your Best BUTT

This class tones and shapes your booty all while you have a really fun time! The class starts with glute activation, booty bands encouraged. We do moves like squats, lunges, donkey kicks, and glute bridges. Once your booty is burnt OUT, we stop for a quick core break to let your glutes recover. The next round is the strength round, where we use heavy weights to build out and up your caboose. After you are good and tired, we do one more core break before we burn it out with glute focused cardio. This class is sure to hurt the next day on the stairs.

Your Best BUTT
  • Your Best Butt | VERY HARD

    Recorded 2/18/21 | This class is a DOOZY. Grab your booty bands and get ready to feel the burn. This is one of those classes that will keep you sore for a while after. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!! Oh and EVERY SINGLE song on this playlist is about da booooty!

  • Your Best Butt | Find Your Happy Place

    Recorded 2/1/21 | This class will get you feeling good instantly with a dance-squat song before taking you to the floor for donkey kicks with a resistance band. Then we will move into clamshell and leg lift combos. Lunges are the name of the game for most of the muscle-building section, then we e...

  • Your Best Butt | BEYkeover

    Recorded 1/18/21 | This class has a bit more cardio than the typical booty class, so maybe grab a towel!! Such a fun, inspiring class!

  • Your Best Butt | Single Glute Isolation

    Recorded 1/11/21 | This class is part of the DRAKEover and he will be battling Bad Girl Riri in a deep toning class that works to isolate one glute at a time to build the muscle out.

  • Your Best BUTT | Taylor Swift vs Her Haters

    Recorded 1/4/21 | Get ready for a great challenge. This class only has two cardio songs to finish! This class includes squats, lunges, tabletop glute movements, clamshells, elevated squats and more. For the elevated squats, you will be in a tippy-toe standing your heels on your dumbbell.

  • Your Best Butt | Best of 2018

  • BUTTCracker 2020

    FIRST ANNUAL BUTTCRACKER!!! Christmas Eve 2020 was a class to remember. Think light shows, deep squats, and a whole lot of fun! This is a Best Butt class with some ballet-inspired arm movements.

  • Your Best BUTT | Best of 2011

    Recorded 12/14/20 | This class has a tough lunge series in it and the beginning activation section is long... aka your booty is going to FEEL IT, honey!!! Grab a light and medium resistance band, and some heavy weights, and let's do this thang!

  • Your Best BUTT | Best of 2006

    Recorded 12/07/20 | This class is really tough!! We will get your heart rate up early and keep it there through the end of class!!

  • NamaSCULPT | Old vs New School POP

    Recorded 12/02/20 | This class brings in elements of balance in this fast-paced class. Look forward to the ultimate core burnout at the end! Light and heavy weights!

  • Your Best BUTT | Old vs New School Hip Hop & Rap

    Recorded 11/30/20 | This class is a tough one that will leave your buns burning for a long time!! Grab your light and medium resistance band, and some heavy weights.


    Get excited for a super glute-activating class that will get your booty burnt out QUICK! This class calls for a medium and light resistance booty bands, heavy and light set of weights, and a big smile!! Can't wait to hear how you liked class! DM me after and send a sweaty selfie to @LillyScott!

  • Your Best BUTT | Celebration of Life

    Booty band heavy to start and filled with exciting moves, get ready for a crazy fun class!!

  • Your Best BUTT | Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande

    This is a tough class that will fire up your outside glutes almost immediately! Your outside glutes are the hardest ones to get and are often the weakest of the different glute muscles, so this class works to build that strength! Expect clam shells, lots of squats, but this class isn't big on lun...

  • Your Best Butt | Really Deep Glute Activation

    This super challenging class even had the most experienced and dedicated students shaking in their Lululemons!! This class will use the power of mindful movement to target your outside glutes and the center of your glute as well to give it a beautiful shape; aka HELLO confidence! Grab a booty ban...

  • Your Best BUTT | VERY Challenging

    Get excited for a deep burning class that incorporates optional cardio moves throughout to keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone as you build out your peach emoji. With deep glute activation from the get-go, this is a class that will call for good form and a commitment to staying low (or s...

  • Your Best BUTT | ADVANCED

    This class isolates one then the other glute to ignite a unique, acute burn that does deep into your muscle. Form is going to be KEY as you move with integrity through these moves. While this class IS advanced, I do not think that you should shy away from the challenge if you are new; take the br...

  • Your Best BUTT | VERY HARD!!

    Sometimes you just want to go hard... this is the class for those days. I've mixed in new moves you've never done with me before with the oldies but goodies to create a deep burn that keeps you on your toes! For this class, I will be asking you to stand on your weights or on a book and I suggest ...

  • Your Best BUTT | Rap & Hip Hop

    Booty bands and heavyweights optional, sweating nonnegotiable. This class starts with a deep glute activation and it just never lets up. Expect many squats, lunges, and jumping for this all-around tough class! There will be three cardio songs and before we stretch you will have a core and glute r...

  • Your Best BUTT | Nicki Minaj vs Tiesto *DRIPPING SWEAT

    From start to finish, this class is going to fire up your glute muscles and leave you sore the next day. Heavy on the squats and jumping, expect to have a high heart rate for the majority of class. I cue when to use bands through out class and highly recommend you grab them before you get started...

  • Your Best BUTT | Confidence Boost *Deep Tone and Triple Cardio

    Grab your booty bands and get ready to feel this burn super deep in your glutes. I am going to hold you in positions longer than normal so we can fatigue your muscles. They have to get to that place of discomfort to build new muscles. Get excited for the end of class too, because we are going all...

  • Your Best BUTT | Mood Booster

    This high-intensity class incorporates booty band work for the ultimate booty burn. The first part of the class, which ignites your glutes, has some optional jumping to increase caloric burn and intensify the class overall. Kick, twist, twerk (YES ACTUALLY), and pulse to a happier you! Oh and if ...

  • Your Best Butt Ever | Reggaeton & Latin *600 Calorie Burner

    This class is awesome for a glute focused lunge because I break down exactly how to move and where to squeeze to feel the deepest burn for the perkiest butt!! Booty band optional, heavyweights suggested (my heavies are 8-10lbs). The class does not have anything on your knees.

  • Your Best BUTT | Taylor Swift vs Her Haters

    This is a class that will incorporate some moves on your knees and shoulders for a dynamic burn through your upper, middle, side, and bottom booty. Grab two heavyweights and an optional booty band to get the ultimate effect on your peach emoji. There is one move with elevated heels, I like to sta...