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You'll be asking if fries come with that SHAKE in this deep toning leg and abs class. The most barre and pilates-inspired class of the group, this class works to strengthen and lengthen your legs in a low impact, targeted class. We focus first on tiring out your legs before digging deep into your core. Once both muscle groups are tired we will do moves that combine both your legs and abs to burn out and challenge your muscles. This class calls for a light and heavy set of weights, and a booty band.

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Old vs New School Divas

    Recorded 12/03/20 | This class is super sassy so get exciterd!

  • Your Best ABS & LEGS | Silent Killer

    This class will get you sweating and shaking all under the disguise of being a barre/pilates class. Be sure to grab a heavyweight and a booty band if you have one! This class has a little extra attention on your thighs and on your lower abs!

  • Your Best ABS & LEGS | Boss Women Songs

    Get ready for a super shaker! This class will get deep into your inner and outer thighs! With a lot of mat work, this class is great for a gloomy day where you might want to just lay down, but still get an amazing toning workout! Bands are optional, smiling is inevitable! Don't forget to let me k...

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Controlled Movements, Deep Burn

    Get ready for a really exciting class that will change up what we usually do to tone the outside of your thighs. The core movements will be COMPLETELY slower than what you are used to, which will get you shaking really quickly. Remember, you can do these (and any other) hard things.

  • Your Best ABS & LEGS | Legs and Abs Will SHAKE

    Get excited for another doozy. Perhaps a bit more jumping than other typical classes, this Legs and Abs class is going to get deep into your muscles while also getting your heart rate up. Grab your weights and your booty bands! Take the breaks you need and DM me when you're done!!!

  • Your Best ABS & LEGS | Dream BIG!

    This challenging class starts off with lots of squat and lunge variations. We will move into core after that, settle into some pilates moves, do another round of squats, and end with abs. This class has moderate to low jumping/cardio. Grab weights and a booty band!

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Low Impact and HAPPY Songs

    Grab your booty bands, weights, and a pillow and get ready for a super challenging class void of burpees! This barre inspired class is slow and controlled to ignite lengthening toning for your legs. Don't forget to DM me after class and let me know how you liked it!! @Bodybylillyscott

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Low Impact BIG Burn

    Even if you don't have props, this class is going to be super challenging. With zero jumping, few squats, this class is great for people who want to be gentle on their joints!

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Kanye West vs Katy Perry

    Starting with the plank challenge and ending with a core burn out, this class is all about keeping your abs engaged as you burn out your legs in the process. With a lunge cardio circuit and tons of reps expect to be pushed to your limit. I suggest light and heavy weights for this class! Booty ban...


    This challenging class creates new challenges for even the most experienced group fitness student as we go from airplane poses to tiptoe lunges and so much more. Throughout the 50 minutes, we are together, I will show you some new and interesting moves that you likely have never tried before. Thi...

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Feel Good *Inner Thigh Focus!

    Dig deep into your inner and outer thighs and obliques for this fun, fast-paced workout. This class incorporates booty bands for an extra core and leg burn, but they are not required so just use what you've got!!!! Expect lots of horse pose squats, hops, lunges, pointed toe kicks, and some should...

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Break Up Songs (Feat Taylor Swift)

    This class incorporates optional band work to create some extra resistance and tension in your inner and outer thighs. Expect a full core burn out throughout the class and intermittent cardio bursts.

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | Dirt Road Vibes

    THIS CLASS IS ABOUT TO BRING YOU FULL LEG AND AB SHAKES!! With a special emphasis on your thighs and lower abs, this country playlist and the fun moves that come with them are bound to create a happier, stronger version of you!

  • Your Best ABS AND LEGS | *Hardest Legs Class Yet

    Your start this class in a low horse with some heavyweights, then cruise right into an intense jumping section before dropping to the ground for some precise toning. This class doesn't require any bands to make your legs shake. The core work is tough, including heavyweight head circles, a killer ...