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Imagine if your favorite strength and conditioning class had a baby with a vinyassa yoga class, add a bit of excitement to it and voila, that's NamaSCULPT. This class seamlessly flows and allows you to let go of the stress of your day while you work every muscle in your body. This class calls for a light and heavy set of weights.

  • NamaSCULPT | Spring Training Week 4

    Spring Training Week 4 adds in a throw pillow, yoga block, or pilates ball for some of the classes to help engage your core and inner thighs. This week we encourage you to use heavier weights to help progress your strength. Expect longer cardio bursts and some classes will introduce high-rep chal...

  • NamaSCULPT | Spring Training Week 3

    Spring Training Week 3 brings in heavier weights, more complex combinations, and longer muscle isolations to increase intensity and level you up. On top of this advanced sequencing, get ready for a BOMB playlist featuring all of your favorite music from 2000-2005!

  • NamaSCULPT | Spring Training Week 2

    Week two of spring training brings the heat as we turn the tone UP! Grab a booty band for this week's moves and a light set of weights. The playlists for this week will feature songs from 2000-2005!

    If you don't have weights or a boot band, here are some I like from Amazon:

  • NamaSCULPT | Unstoppable Oblique and Glute Focus

    Recorded 4/8/21 | This was dubbed some people's favorite sculpt. WIth a playlist all about being unstoppable and a sequence focusing on obliques and glutes, your heart rate will race as you come face to face with your power.

  • NamaSCULPT | Be Your Best You (glutes focused)

    Recorded 3/31/21 | This is a glutes-focused sculpt! Grab two sets of weights, light and heavy, and get ready for a great time!

  • NamaSCULPT | St. Pattys

    Recorded 3/19/21 | Create your own luck with this fun flow that discusses how in power you really are for creating your own destiny.

  • NamaSCULPT | Fire Up Your Confidence!

    Recorded 3/10/21 | This class uses quick flows, twists, and weighted arm movements to provide a workout like no other! Get ready to drip sweat. *This class is best for people with yoga experiance

  • NamaSCULPT | 100% Hiphop and Rap

    Recorded 3/5/21 | This class brings in oblique work and VIBES!

  • NamaSCULPT | Booty Flow

    Recorded 2/26/21 | This class focuses on your booty for the first but of class while we flow. It also has some great arm challenges throughout. Can't wait to hear what you all think of this one!!


    Recorded 2/12/21 | Get ready to flow quickly and work your triceps. This class has lots of focus on your triceps and glutes to start, with other exercises throughout.


    Recorded 2/5/21 | This class features Lilly Scott in a controversial outfit 😂. This class is super challenging and fast-paced. With fun oblique moves, squat thrusts, and a big cardio burst, get ready to WORK!


    Recorded 1/29/21 | This class focuses a little bit more on glutes. We will have an opputunity to use our booty bands in the class if you wnat to bring it! This class is GAGA vs FLORIDA so it is very high energy with two quick cardio bursts!! The quote for the intention is "Courage isn't having th...

  • NamaSCULPT | BEYkeover

    Recorded 1/22/21 | Not going to tell you the battle, but just going to tell you OOPS I DID IT AGAIN with this awesome sculpt! Look forward to quick flows, and an intention to celebrate the people in our lives who inspire us to be ourselves.

  • NamaSCULPT | DRAKEover

    Recorded 1/15/21 | This class is part of the DRAKEover, battling against Queen B herself. This fast-paced class is just a full out VIBE. Get ready to jump around and get every muscle, head to toe! Oh and there's a 100 squat challenge.

  • NamaSCULPT | TAYkeover

    Recorded 1/8/20 | This class allows you to work through your aggression- allowing you to feel the bad, angry, frustrating parts of your emotions. Happy people feel negative feelings too, and they are always valid. You have to go feel to heal! This playlist is all about good girls gone bad!!

  • NamaSCULPT | Best of 2020

  • NamaSCULPT | Holiday Edition

    Recorded 12/23/20 | This class has some great arm challenges and is filled with FUN Christmas and Hannukah songs!

  • NamaSCULPT | Best of 2014

    Recorded 12/18/20 | This class has unique moves that will keep you guessing. Expect some awesome balance challenges!

  • NamaSCULPT | Best of 2009

    Recorded 12/09/20 | This class brings in lots of balance movements to challenge your core strength!

  • NamaSCULPT | Songs About Food

    11/27/20 | This class has all songs about food to remind you that food is not the enemy. Get ready for a flow that gets your whole body sweating and strong! Grab two sets of weights and bring some water!

  • NamaSCULPT | This class is really good

    This class has a slight focus on your booty, and a big hug MEGGA focus on feeling good. There is a great mix of cardio throughout the class and a lot of deep toning movements sprinkled in as well! Grab some heavy and light weights and get ready to let go of this crazy year/month/week/day.... you ...

  • NamaSCULPT | Rihanna & Beyonce

    Get excited for another awesome class fulled with challenging movements through out! With a badass energy throughout, the sequence offers the challenge of bracing through your core the entire time as you flow on your mat! I also sneak some pushups in through out the flow, but don't let that scare...

  • NamaSCULPT | You're Worth Fighting For

    Get excited for a really challenging NamaSCULPT that will get you sweating really quickly! This class is fast-paced with a few advanced moves. Take all the breaks you need and honor your body!! I cannot wait to hear how it went so please DM me after class!!

  • NamaSCULPT | Paradise *Oblique Focused

    This tough class is a full-body workout that will get you sore... fast!! With particular attention to your obliques, this unique sequence will keep you guessing and get your heart rate racing! Grab a light and heavy set of weights for this high energy class!