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Fast Fire BOOTY

Fast Fire BOOTY

Activate and strengthen your glutes in this 30 minute class that is all about your booty! A great supplement to help build up your booty from Your Best BUTT, this class is lower impact and is great to do if you have less energy but are still looking for a deep glute burn.

Fast Fire BOOTY
  • Fast Fire Booty | Booty Party!

  • Fast Fire BOOTY | Mini Best Butt

    Grab a booty band and heavy weights for this super fun class!

  • Fast Fire Booty | Low Impact Deep Tone

    Recorded 3/30/21 | This class is all about toning, zero jumping throughout. Grab an band and some heavy weights!

  • Fast Fire Booty | Intense Glute Activation

    Recorded 3/23/21 | This class takes OUCH to the next level as we activate and strengthen your glute muscles. Look forward to clamshells, glute bridges, squats, and lunges in this fun, and challenging class. You will need heavy weights and booty bands!

  • Fast Fire BOOTY | Grammys 2021

    Recorded 3/16/21 | This is one of those classes that begs the question... was that really only 30 mins?? Get excited for some great movement and fun toning! Grab a band and your heavyweights!

  • Fast Fire Booty | The Sun Will Still Rise

  • Fast Fire Booty| GET BIG!!

    Recorded 3/2/21 | This class is deep toning focusing on your outer glutes. Bring a band and get ready to take up space!!

  • Fast Fire Booty | Mini Best Butt Ever

    Recorded 2/16/21 | This class is like a mini best butt ever class without the core breaks. Expect to be very sore. This is a 100% booty songs class!

  • Fast Fire BOOTY | Booty Buster

    Recorded 2/9/21 | This class is TOUGH and it incorporates pilates/barre moves with hitt style moves to bring your booty to the next level. Bring a booty band and get ready for a fun class.

  • Fast Fire Booty | Make The Most Of Your Time!

    Recorded 2/2/21 | This class will challenge you with balance, keep you on your feet for most of the class, and get your heart rate up. People were sore for a WHILE after this class, so it's a good one if you can't get a full best butt class in!

  • Fast Fire Booty | BEYkeover

  • Fast Fire Booty | DRAKEover

    Recorded 1/16/21 | This class will get you sweaty. Grab heavyweights and a booty band. Expect some jumping, lunges, heismans and high reps.

  • Fast Fire Booty | Taylor Swift vs Her Besties

    Recorded 1/9/21 | This class will require some balancing on one leg. To support the balancing pose, you can take this class closer to the wall or bring a chair near you.

  • Fast Fire Booty | Happy Songs Only

    Expect walking squats, heismans, table top glutes, leg lifts, and elevated bridge. This class is slightly high intensity with some energy in your shoulders. I cue for booty bands, but not weights!

  • Fast Fire Booty | Best of 2014 and 2015

    Recorded 12/18/20 | This class is SUPER challenging and we will be on the ground for 90% of the class. You WILL feel this burn! Low impact on jumping, but a high burn on your booty!

  • Fast Fire BOOTY | Best of 2010

    Recorded 12/11/20 | This class is a bit higher in intensity than the others! Get ready to weerkkk!

  • Fast Fire Booty | Katy Perry & Madonna

    Squats to start and shakes to finish with this deep glute burn!!! Grab your band and get ready for a super fun playlist that will ALMOST make you forget how sore your booty will be tomorrow!!

  • Fast Fire Booty | Ariana Grande

    This class does have some jumping. It combines glute activation, pilates, and strength moves with some quick cardio bursts. Grab a booty band and some heavy weights for this 30 min butt buster. And when you are in between giving up and pushing just a little but harder, keep going! The class is on...

  • Fast Fire BOOTY | Gentle on Knees

    11/27/20 | This class has NO squats, but it will get your booty burning. Grab a booty band and a folded towel, and get ready for a class that won't hurt your knees at all! great for people who want to work out their glutes without aggravating their joints. Don't be fooled, by the way, because thi...