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Your Best BUTT

Your Best BUTT

This class tones and shapes your booty all while you have a really fun time! The class starts with glute activation, booty bands encouraged. We do moves like squats, lunges, donkey kicks, and glute bridges. Once your booty is burnt OUT, we stop for a quick core break to let your glutes recover. The next round is the strength round, where we use heavy weights to build out and up your caboose. After you are good and tired, we do one more core break before we burn it out with glute focused cardio. This class is sure to hurt the next day on the stairs.

Your Best BUTT
  • Your Best Butt | Low Intensity

    No jumping but lots of heart-pumping in this booty-focused toning and building class. Find your booty bands and heavy weights!

  • Your Best BUTT | Make it Happen!!!

    This tough class is going to get you super tired, you've been warned. Only 2 cardio songs to finish!

  • Your Best Butt | Create GOOD Habits

    Bring on the booty burn with some heavy and light weights, and some bands honey! We also do some fun moves that we haven't done in a hot second!

  • Your Best Butt | Choose Your Hard

    This booty class is going to make you shake, hunniii!! Get ready for a deep burn with lots of pulses throughout class.

  • Your Best Butt | Women of Hip Hop & Rap

  • Your Best Butt | Very Hard: Advanced

    This class will have you sore for days, YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT! Grab your medium resistance band and some heavyweights. Once you start it, promise yourself you will finish it! Let me know what you think after class, okay?! Dm @LillyScott!!

  • Your Best Butt | Booty Breaker

  • Your Best Butt | Free Britney

    This free Britney class is filled with

  • Your Best Butt | Bad Bitch Energy

    Time to channel your pent-up Lizzo energy and get ready to sashay away with confidence. Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave, HONEY!

  • Your Best Butt | Accept Reality and Get Stronger From It

    Dripping sweat by the end of this class, expect to have so much fun as we add some barre movements to a kickass (literally) class. Let me know what you think after by DMing me @LillyScott

  • Your Best Butt | Deep Burn

    Isolating one and the other glute into shakey exhaustion, this class is the challenge you have been hoping for. Expect lots of side later lunges, heavy weight muscle moves, and so much more during this engaging class.

  • Your Best Butt | Cherish Time

    This class will use more balance moves than normal to keep you focused and in the moment as we isolate one booty cheek and the other. Cardio burn out is NO joke today!

  • Your Best Butt | Spring Training Week 5

    Spring Training Week 5 is HERE baby! You made it!! These classes are high intensity and will challenge you to your limit! Grab your heavyweights, strong resistance bands, and a big old water bottle because you are going to WORK. Meant to get you SORE, these level five classes will include high re...

  • Your Best Butt | Spring Training Week 4

    Spring Training Week 4 adds in a throw pillow, yoga block, or pilates ball for some of the classes to help engage your core and inner thighs. This week we encourage you to use heavier weights to help progress your strength. Expect longer cardio bursts and some classes will introduce high-rep chal...

  • Your Best Butt | Spring Training Week 3

    Spring Training Week 3 brings in heavier weights, more complex combinations, and longer muscle isolations to increase intensity and level you up. On top of this advanced sequencing, get ready for a BOMB playlist featuring all of your favorite music from 2000-2005!

  • Your Best Butt | Spring Training Week 2

    Week two of spring training brings the heat as we turn the tone UP! Grab a booty band for this week's moves and a light set of weights. The playlists for this week will feature songs from 2000-2005!

    If you don't have weights or a boot band, here are some I like from Amazon:

  • Your Best Butt | Spring Training Week 1

    Welcome to week 1 of our 5-week program! This is a great way to track and experience your progress as a new member of the Electric Collective! We encourage you to take 3 or more classes a week during this program. You can space each "week" out into one or two weeks (3 classes one week then three ...

  • Your Best Butt | T S W I F T vs J B I E B S

    Recorded 4/5/21 | This iconic playlist battle comes together for a FIRE booty tone and lift-focused class. Minimal cardio at the end and so much booty gains throughout, this class is going to be a fav!

  • Your Best Butt | No Worries

    Recorded 3/29/21 | This booty class takes deep tone to a new level! Isolating one glute cheek then the other throughout class, expect sore muscles for the rest of the week!!!

  • Your Best Butt | Intense Glute Activation

    Recorded 3/22/21 | This is one of those classes that will have your booty shaking right from the start. Expect a deep tone starting with highly engaging glute activation at the beginning of class. This activation will help you feel your cheeks more than ever before throughout class!

  • Your Best BUTT | Grammys 2021 (LOVE THIS CLASS!!!)

    Recorded 3/15/21 | This class is so much fun with 3 straight squat songs the kick it off. With some sass and dancing, you are sure to have fun!

  • Your Best Butt | Super Tough!

    Recorded 3/8/21 | This class is deep in glute engagement to start, with some heart elevation before coming down to tabletop glutes. The strength portion with weights brings in squats and lunge variations to isolate one glute cheek then the other. We finish strong with a 3 song cardio burst!

  • Your Best Butt | Booty Build Out

    Recorded 3/1/21 | This super SUPER tough class is all about building your booty muscles, with the longest section of the class being the weighted glutes section!

  • Your Best BUTT | 4 Song Cardio Finisher

    Recorded 2/22/21 | This class is a super fun celebration of Electrolight Julie Antao's birthday! She picked the playlist, and it was a blast! This class has a killer activation series at the beginning and it doesn't stop there. Expect to get super sweaty and have an absolute blast!