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Fast Fire CORE

Fast Fire CORE

Deeply target your core with this 30 minute class! We will work your upper and lower abs, your center core, and your obliques in a class that will leave you super sore the next day. We will do some mat and some standing moves in this class. You will want to bring a resistance band and a heavy and light set of weights.

Fast Fire CORE
  • Fast Fire CORE | Have Some Fun!

    Let's enjoy the moment and get our abs on!

  • Fast Fire CORE | Full Ab Shred

    30 mins of straight ab burn! This class is going to get every part of your abs equally for a super tough, comprehensive toning!

  • Fast Fire Core | Get Into GOOD Habits

    Holy OW this core is for the books and so amazing for getting your mindset right for a healthy next few days. If this class leaves you motivated to get started on an even healthier journey here is a link to a daily healthy habit challenge! Here it is:

  • Fast Fire Core | Make it Happen

    This class has some cool oblique moves we haven't done in a while. We will do floor and standing moves!

  • Fast Fire Core | Women of Hip Hop & Rap

  • Fast Fire CORE | SO SO SORE

    This deep toning class includes heavyweights and booty bands, go grab them! This one will fire into your lower abs in new ways! God I loved this one, hope you do too!

  • Fast Fire Core | Free Britney

    This mat-focused core class is stacked with moves to burn your abs out. Grab a booty band for extra engagement.

  • Fast Fire Core | Low Back Friendly

    LOTS of people, myself included, have low back issues when they work out their abs. It was only after years of working out that I am able to do belly-up core movements without pains. Women have an especially challenging experience with this challenge based on our hormonal cycle. For many, we expe...

  • Fast Fire Core | 100% Hip Hop

    If you love a good hip-hop-only class, honey, you came to the right place! Grab a booty band and some weights and get ready to tone your core for 30 minutes straight! The intention is to NOT take life too seriously.

  • Fast Fire CORE | No Equimpment Needed

    This is a no-equipment needed core class filled with new moves that will challenge you so much! The intention is centered around cherishing your time.

    ** Trigger warning: I taught this class after a funeral and there is some talk of loss and grief at the beginning and end of class.

  • Fast Fire Core | Spring Training Week 5

    Spring Training Week 5 is HERE baby! You made it!! These classes are high intensity and will challenge you to your limit! Grab your heavyweights, strong resistance bands, and a big old water bottle because you are going to WORK. Meant to get you SORE, these level five classes will include high re...

  • Fast Fire Core | Spring Training Week 3

    Spring Training Week 3 brings in heavier weights, more complex combinations, and longer muscle isolations to increase intensity and level you up. On top of this advanced sequencing, get ready for a BOMB playlist featuring all of your favorite music from 2000-2005!

  • Fast Fire Core | Spring Training Week 2

    Week two of spring training brings the heat as we turn the tone UP! Grab a booty band for this week's moves and a light set of weights. The playlists for this week will feature songs from 2000-2005!

    If you don't have weights or a boot band, here are some I like from Amazon:

  • Fast Fire Core | Spring Training Week 1

    Welcome to week 1 of our 5-week program! This is a great way to track and experience your progress as a new member of the Electric Collective! We encourage you to take 3 or more classes a week during this program. You can space each "week" out into one or two weeks (3 classes one week then three ...

  • Fast Fire Core | T S W I F T vs J B I E B S

    Recorded 4/5/21 | This core class is no impact on all tone and includes new core holds and oblique dips!

  • Fast Fire Core | No Worries ( LOW IMPACT)

    Recorded 3/29/21 | This class is HARD, periodtttt! This low-impact class stays in the toning zone the entire time which means you will be feeling this when you laugh for days to come!

  • Fast Fire Core | All Out Miley

    Recorded 3/22/21 | This core-focused class is the Party In the USA you didn't know you needed. This M I L E Y * C Y R U S take over will boost your mood and take your ab strength to the next level!

  • Fast Fire Core | Songs From The Grammys

    Recorded 3/15/21 | With lots of oblique toning and lengthening, this class is sure to challenge your balance as well!

  • Fast Fire Core | Zero Equipment Needed

    Recorded 3/10/21 | This class gets every part of the core and requires NO EQUIPMENT!

  • Fast Fire CORE | Tone and Twist

    Recorded 3/4/21 | This class has lots of new standing twisting moves and flies by!

  • Fast Fire CORE | Dua*Lipa*Takeover

    Recorded 2/23/21 | This class has a focus on obliques and will have high repetitions. Take all the breaks you need and be sure to have FUN!!!

  • Fast Fire Core | DREAM ON!

    Recorded 2/17/21 | This class brings in the booty band to intensify some movements. Look out for some standing and mat work, with a bit of optional jumping. Can't wait to hear how you like class!

  • Fast Fire CORE | Pillow Core

    Recorded 2/10/21 | This class uses a throw pillow, yoga block, or pilates ball to deepen your core engagement. This is a class that will leave you super sore. Take all the breaks you need and let me know how you like it after, okay?! DM me at @LillyScott!

  • Fast Fire Core | GAGA SAGA

    Recorded 1/27/21 | This class focuses on your obliques and is a total blast!